Frequently Asked Questions

Live Stream

Help, my livestream isn’t working, is out of sync, or something else weird!

The first thing to try is just reloading the page in your browser. Many of these kinds of issues are resolved this way.
Still having trouble? Make sure you have a good internet signal. If you’re able to plug into a network instead of using WiFi, do that.

I can’t hear anything!

Make sure the player isn’t muted! Click the little audio icon at the bottom of the player.

Can I pause or rewind the film?

No! This is a live event with no pausing, rewinding, or fast forwarding.

Can I watch on my AppleTV?

Probably! If you have an AppleTV or another Apple AirPlay-compatible device, you should be able to send your stream to your TV by clicking the “Start Casting” button at the bottom of the video player and select your destination. Make sure your AirPlay device is on the same network!

What about Roku? Or Chromecast? Kindle Fire??!?!

For Apple devices: On Roku, download a casting channel such as  iWebTV. Add the Roku channel and download the app to your phone and follow the prompted directions. Unfortunately we haven’t tested all these platforms yet. We’ll have more information as soon as we can, but if you get it to work, we’d love to hear about it!

Having some other issue?

Email us here. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Filmmaker Tickets

If your film is selected for inclusion in the festival, you will receive two complimentary tickets to SLAY. Filmmakers are encouraged to advise their friends and fans to purchase tickets immediately, as many of the popular screenings may be sold out or close to selling out. 

Release Forms & Entry Forms

You must provide a release form signed by every performer in your film in addition to a valid ID. You must have the rights to any music used in your films. All performers and filmmakers must be over 18 years of age. See the “Submit” page for forms and requirements.

When will SLAY winners be announced?

Whenever we have finished counting the mountain of audience ballots from screenings in the SLAY Opening Festival, we will announce the results. Best estimate is about a week after the festival concludes.

Are there sponsorship opportunities for SLAY?

Absolutely! If you are interested in being a SLAY sponsor, contact us at HERE for more information.