What better way to watch The Mercury’s new horror film festival SLAY than as a classic drive-in movie experience? Tickets are limited- only 55 cars per show- so figure out who’ll be in YOUR car and grab your tickets now!

Wednesday October 28th – Saturday October 31st we will be screening SLAY as a doubleheader event.

Volume 1:

6pm entry to Parking, Beer Garden, and Food concessions
7:30pm – 8:45pm Slay Volume 1

Volume 2:

9pm entry to Parking, Beer Garden, and Food concessions
9:30pm – 10:45pm Slay Volume 2



RCR has transformed the face of their iconic venue, The Hangar (located at 7805 SE Oaks Park Way), into a 15 foot tall DIY movie screen for your viewing pleasure. Many thanks to Epson for their generous donation of a projector, Horne Audio for the use of cables, and our friend/sound tech DJ Agent Meow for making this possible! 




  • What We Found Out There

    A serial killer’s found footage leaves surprises for three friends out in the woods.

  • That Smile

    In a seedy part of town, seedy things happen to seedy people.

  • Council House and Violent

    A young pregnant woman discovers that her landlord is part of a satanic cult planning to possess her unborn child with a demon.

  • 100% Organic

    Is your food actually 100% organic?

  • Her Last Photo

    A woman home alone discovers she is someone’s unwitting model.

  • Rear Window

    A short film about our worries: self-isolation, conspiracy theories, cosmic horror media and Lovecraftian dread with a budget of one dead fish.

  • Troll

    A boyfriend misses out through poor punctuality.

  • Hangnail

    That hanging piece of skin. That painful chunk of tissue that won’t let go. You rip and tear at it, but the flesh holds on. This common nuisance turns into a grisly nightmare in Hangnail

  • The Dirge

    A young mother confronts a malevolent presence hunting her newborn child.

  • The Devil's Dice

    Six friends fall under the spell of some demonic dice during a birthday weekend away at a remote cottage. Lost for decades, this recently unearthed trailer is all that remains of the 80s cult hit that never was.

  • The Animator

    An animator takes his anger out on the source of his frustration... his puppets.

  • Dead Lyft

    An unsuspecting Lyft driver encounters a strange passenger that gives him more than he bargained for.

  • All The Smoke

    An Alt-Right couple makes an unexpected stop on their way to a rally.

  • The Nocnitsa

    Mia is haunted by her terrifying encounter of Sleep Paralysis and the arrival of The Nocnitsa. Her boyfriend comes home the next day to find Mia injured.

  • Bump In The Night

    While home alone, young Samantha becomes the victim of a merciless demon.

  • Nefarious

    In order to bring her sister back to life, Aggie recruits the help of her friend Lilith to perform a human sacrifice.


  • GOB

    An innocent graveyard jog turns into a loogie-fest of supernatural proportions.

  • The Darker The Brighter

    A tragic accident leaves its survivor waiting for his comeuppance.

  • Family

    A young girl wakes up disoriented and tied to a chair in an abandoned place, she would never imagine the reason for her stay there.

  • There Can Only Be One

    A woman sets out to kill anyone who shares her unusual name.

  • Greenwood

    Two ecology students doing a photography assignment in the woods find something much more morbid than plant life.

  • Bill

    A widow employs the dark arts to see her husband once more.

  • The Divorcing

    A marriage counselor must conduct an exorcism over a Zoom call.

  • Selfie

    A woman is haunted by a mysterious figure in her selfie photos.

  • Secret Service

    Three young women set out to hex the president. As they discover a power beyond what they had imagined, they are faced with a decision that could alter the course of history and their very lives.

  • Second Life Citizens

    The second wave of a zombie apocalypse tests familial bonds.

  • Look Twice

    A night surveillance security guard spots a trespasser on the property; then regrets grabbing their attention once he realizes the intruder is paranormal.

  • The Fisherman

    It's a beautiful day for fishing, calm and peaceful. But the fish aren't the only things that are biting.

  • Seven Levels Deep

    Seven Levels Deep is a short movie that explores the possibilities of a therapy session going deeper than intended. A visual depiction of a heroines journey through her own darkness.

  • Ticks

    When three young adults venture into the woods, a Tick bite could be more deadly than they ever imagined.

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